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1901 Royal Marines Football Team HMS Highflyer East Indies

The Royal Marines Football Club of HMS Highflyer, flagship of the East Indies station, is a considerable factor in keeping the detachment in good health. Although the thermometer at Trincomali is seldom below 80 degrees, there is a comparatively cool hour before sunset, and football matches have been at the rate of about four a week on the Maidan during the past three months, against the officers, ships company, R.A., R.E., & C., success usually being with the club. The detachment, in force, always turns out as a cheering party.

1904 Army Cup Winners Royal Marines Artillery Portsmouth

Played at Aldershot on Monday 4th April 1904

Back Row L to R Sgt Chas Roberts (Trainer), Gnr G. Hall, Cpl W.F. Harper, Bdr G. McDonald.

Middle Row L to R Gnr C. Heath, Cpl J.S. Collier (Captain), Bdr W. Lee,

Front Row L to R Gnr J. Mclean, Gnr J. Husband, Gnr T. Corbin, Gnr W.J. Smith, Gnr D. Guthrie

For the 1904 RMA Army Cup run team sheets click this link

1905 Royal Marine Legation Guard Football Team

Royal Marines Legation 4 v US Marines Legation 0 played at Seoul, Korea on 13th March 1905

Back Row LCpl A. Hood

Next row down L to R Pte Mann, Pte Randerson (Sitting), Pte Holliman

Next Row down L to R Pte Wareham, Rev Gurney (Referee), Pte Dawton

Front Row L to R  Pte Moring (Linesman), Pte Healy, Pte Hanson, Pte Allen (Captain), Pte Cheatle, Pte Fairbairn, Pte Baker (Linsman)

Match Report by Wm. F. Martin Sgt (Po)., R.M.L.I

The Majority of our esteemed Corps will no doubt be pleased to hear of the success of their representitives in the Far East against our American Cousins. The Match in question, which was very attractive (as the Coreans are learning the rudiments of the game), was largely attended. Although the Britishers had the wind against them in the first half of the game, their superior play secured for them two goals to nil.

 The Game - The Americans won the toss, and, from the kick off, the play was very exciting for the first ten minutes, as both teams played hard for an opening. But, thanks to the superior play of Allen (Capt), the first goal was scored, which was followed by another before the whistle blew for half time. Nothing of note happened in the second half, as the Britishers had it all their own way, and managed to add another two goals to their credit. The game finished Royal Marines 4 US Marines 0.

1905 US Marines Legation Guard Football Team

Royal Marines Legation 4 v US Marines Legation 0 played at Seoul, Korea on 13th March 1905

Back Row Pte Beer.

3rd Row L to R Cpl Faulkes, Pte McCoy.

2nd row L to R TBC, Sgt Wheeler, Pte Coates.

Front Row L to R TBC (Linesman), Sgt Parker, Pte Dickover, Cpl Williams (Captain), Pte McNichol, Pte Sullivan, Pte Cameron (Linesman)

1906-07 Portsmouth Division R.M.L.I., & Divisional School football Clubs

Winners of US League Division 1 & Brodrick Cup

Back row L to R LCpl W. J. Thornton, LCpl George Osman Exford, LCpl H. Hann, LCpl A. Baxter, Pte Potten, Pte W. Turner, Pte W. Davidson, Pte W. Bowman, Pte G. Yates, Pte W. Smith.

Middle row L to R Pte A. White, Cpl W. Hirst, Cpl J. Jones, Sgt D. Gowney, Sgt-Maj J. Sullivan, Lt & Adjt R. Darwall, Sgt P. Mullington, Cpl Gouldstone, Pte W. Rennie, LCpl Horace. Gravestock.

Front row L to R H. White, A. White, H. Box, W. Davis, H. Banks, A. Andrews, B. Doidge, A McLareu, M. Andrews, W. Leece, W. McILveen.

*Record for the Divisional team, played 48, won 31, lost 11, drawn 6, goals for 145, goals against 52

*Record for the boys team, played 20, won 13, lost 3, drawn 4, goals for 43, goals against 19

1907 Royal Navy School of Music Football Team

Winners of the Portsmouth Division R.M.L.I Forton Company football Challenge Cup

Back row L to R Trask, Hawkins, Wright

Middle row L to R standing Smith, Dawes, Kent, Kinsey, Lane, Parker

Middle row L to R Seated Cpl Cobb, Sgt Cozens, Capt & Adjt Darwall, R.M. Lambe, Cpl Lemon

Front row L to R Reed, Schummaker

1907-08 Portsmouth Division R.M.L.I Football Club

Winners of the Portsmouth League Div 1, United Services League Div 1, Portsmouth Senior Cup, United Services Charity Cup, Finalists of the Hants Senior Cup.

Back row L to R LCpl C.V. Wilkinson, Cpl A. Oliver, Pte W. Turner, Cpl W. Hirst (Captain)

Middle row standing Pte T. Bull (Ass.Trainer), LCpl R. Gwyn, LCpl A. Dow, LCpl G. Yates, Sgt H. Wiseman (Vice Captain)

Middle row seated Bugler J. Holness, Pte W. Rennie, Sgt-Maj J. Sullivan (Vice President), Capt R.H. Darwall (President), Sgt D.J. Gowney (Manager & Trainer), LCpl H. Baxter, Pte W. Davidson.

Front row L to R Cpl G. Exford, Pte A. White, LCpl H. Hann, Pte A. Jack, Pte W. Hayward.

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