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2003 Team Sheets

26th Feb 2003 New Beckenham London 

London Banks 1 RMFA 4

(Terry Price(penalty),Rich Harley, Wayne Grounsell, Harry Richardson)

Man of the Match Harry Richardson

Players making their Debuts John Turner & Mick Hart

Dave Robertson played for the Corps 3 years after getting a medical discharge as most of the players were preparing for an Iraq deployment & could not be released. Physio Mick Hart also got a run out as sub to make his debut. Assistant Chairman Terry Price bought all the players a Big Breakfast from Little Chef as a pre match meal. 


The Team

1. John Turner

4. Shaun Foster 5. Terry Price 3. Trev Ford

2.Neil Pritchard 8.H Richardson 7.Jimmy Clutton 6. Wayne Grounsell 11.Dave Robertson

10. Richie Harley 9. Kev Fullalove

Sub Mick Hart (Fullalove) - Kitman Mark Stevenson



23rd July 2003 at Budleigh Salterton 1915 KO

Budleigh Salterton 2 RMFA 4

(Tommy Mcphee, Karl Lockhart, Mark Pepperell,Chris Heron)

Players making their debuts, Scotty Nicholson, Sam Woodin, Sean Naisbitt, Chris Rowley, AJ Ajala, Gaz Pickles, Chris Heron

26 Players turned up for this build up match for the Inter Commands so we had a different line up for both halves.


The Team First Half

1. Robbie Buglass

5. Scotty Nicholson 3.Terry Price 4. Sam Woodin

7.Craig Brown 8.Sean Naisbitt 2.H Richardson 6.Si Bochenski 11.Dean Jones

10. James Beverley 9. Karl Lockhart

Sub Kev Fullalove (Beverley) on 40 mins


The Team Second Half

1. Rich Harley

4. Jase Margrett 5. Chris Rowley 3. Martin Carlon

7.Gaz Pickles 8.AJ Ajala 7.Mark Pepperall 2.Pete Howe 11.John Jackson

9. Tommy Mcphee 10. Chris Heron

Sub Kev Fullalove (Rowley) on 85 mins

Manager Shaun Foster, Physio Mick Hart, Kitman Mark Stevenson



31st July 2003 at Sidmouth Town 1915 KO

Sidmouth Town 3 RMFA 2 (Robbie Buglass, Sam Woodin)

Players making their Corps debut, Jez Scherrer, Kev Duckers

Jason Margrett played for his Civilian club Sidmouth Town & James Beverley Captained the Corps side against his Civilian club Sidmouth Town.


The Team

1. Jez Scherrer

2. Sam Woodin 4. Shaun Foster 3. Kev Duckers

2.Tommy Mcphee 6.Si Bochenski 7.Ian Pomeroy 8.Chris Rowley 11.John Jackson

10. James Beverley 9. Robbie Buglass

Subs 12.Richie Asson(Mcphee) 14.Jase Kilner(Bochenski)15.Pete Howe(Rowley) 16.Dean Jones(Jackson) 17.Gaz Pickles(Beverley) 18.Pete Oakden(Buglass) 19.Rich Harley(Pomeroy) Not Selected Sean Naisbitt, Kev Fullalove

Assistant Chairman Terry Price, Physio Mick Hart, Kitman Mark Stevenson



 2003 RMFA Tour to Quantico USA 31st Aug - 12th Sept

3rd September 2003 1700 Ko at Quantico USA

Quantico 0 RMFA 6 (Karl Lockhart 4, Kev Fullalove, Paul Curry)

Man of the Match Karl Lockhart with 4 goals. Paul Curry who was based at Quantico came on for cameo role & scored a goal, Kev Fullalove also came off the bench to score. Johnny Byrne picked up Tommy Mcphee from the Airport 3 days after everybody else had arrived and despite a bit of jetlag he managed to play the last 20 minutes.


The Team

1. Jez Scherrer

5. Jase Margrett 4. Terry Price 16. Chris Rowley

18.Craig Brown 8.Si Bochenski 14.Robbie Buglass 7.Ian Pomeroy 15.Dean Jones

9. Richie Hope 10. Karl Lockhart

Subs 2.Sam Woodin (Margrett) 12.Scotty Nicholson (Price) 3.Martin Carlon (Rowley) 17.Tommy Mcphee (Hope) 6.Jase Kilner (Pomeroy) 11.Johnny Byrne (Brown) 21.Kev Fullalove (Lockhart) 19.Mick Hart (Jones) 20.Paul Curry (Pomeroy)

Manager Shaun Foster, Assistant Manager Steve Marr, Coach George Kent, Referee Phill Shuttleworth



9th September 2003 1800 KO at Quantico USA

USMC 1 RMFA 4 (Karl Lockhart 2,Richie Hope, Kev Fullalove)

Man of the Match Craig Brown. Robbie Buglass played in goal for the USMC and made several great saves to keep the score line down.


The Team

1.Jez Scherrer

2. Sam Woodin 4. Terry Price 3. Martin Carlon

7.Craig Brown 8.Si Bochenski 6.Jase Kilner 5.Chris Rowley 11.Dean Jones

9. Richie Hope 10. Karl Lockhart

Subs 12.Jase Margrett (Price) 14.Scotty Nicholson (Carlon) 15.Tommy Mcphee (Bochenski) 16. Ian Pomeroy (Kilner) 17. Johnny Byrne (Rowley) 18. Kev Fullalove (Lockhart)

Manager Shaun Foster, Assistant Manager Steve Marr, Coach George Kent, Referee Phil Shuttleworth, Physio Mick Hart, Paul Curry



25th Sept 2003 1930 KO at Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton FC 6 RMFA 2 (Chris Rowley, Karl Lockhart)

Steve Blurton (BSFC) came on as sub and scored 4 goals. Neil Pritchard played the first half for Budleigh and the second half for the Corps. Chris Rowley scored a 25yd rocket which went in off the underside of the bar.

Man of the Match Chris Rowley


The Team

1. John Turner

2. Sam Woodin 4. Jase Margrett 3. Kev Duckers

7.Jase Kilner 8.Si Bochenski 6.Robbie Buglass 5.Chris Rowley 11.Kevan Roberts

9. Richie Asson 10. Karl Lockhart

Subs 12.Neil Pritchard (Duckers) 14.Kev Fullalove (Roberts) 15. Kev Readings (Turner)

Manager Shaun Foster, Assistant Manager Steve Marr



 2nd October 2003 1930KO at Budleigh Saltertons ground

RMFA 8 Sidmouth Town 0

(Richie Hope 3, Si Bochenski 3, Sam Woodin, Robbie Buglass)

Man of the Match Si Bochenski who was closely pushed by Richie Hope & Sam Woodin. Jase Margrett played for his Civilian club Sidmouth Town. Sub Kev Fullalove missed a sitter


The Team

1. Kev Readings

2. Mark Lenton 4. Shaun Foster 3. Terry Price

7.Jase Kilner 6.Sam Woodin 8.Si Bochenski 5.Brian Bannister 11.Dean Jones

9. Richie Hope 10. Karl Lockhart

Subs 12.Kev Fullalove (Lockhart) 14.Robbie Buglass (Bannister) 15.Chris Rowley (Woodin) 16.Pete Howe (Jones) 17.Richie Asson (Kilner) 18.John Turner (Readings)

Secretary Ian Michelson, Physio Mick Hart, Kitman Mark Stevenson



Royal Navy Inter Commands 12 Oct - 15 Oct 2003

12th October 2003 1400 KO at Burnaby Road Portsmouth

RMFA 1 (Si Bochenski pen) Naval Air Command 2

Ian Pomeroy scored a late Own Goal (Cracking diving header). Harry Richardson's shot was handled by a NAC player and Si Bochenski despatched the resulting penalty. The Referee failed to issue a yellow card never mind a red to the offending player. The Referee failed to come out after half time and was replaced by the fourth official.


The Team

1. John Turner

2. Mark Lenton 4. Shaun Foster 3. Terry Price

8.Lee Weatherall 5.H Richardson 7.Ian Pomeroy 6.Si Bochenski 11.Graeme Carr

10. Karl Lockhart 9. Richie Hope

Subs 12.John Jackson (Carr) 14.Robbie buglass (Lockhart) Subs not used 15.Chris Rowley 16.Jase Margrett 17.Richie Asson 18.Jase Kilner

Players Not Selected Kevan Roberts, Tommy Mcphee, Richie Harley, Pete Oakden. Craig Brown (Injured)

Assistant Manager Steve Marr, Physio Mick Hart, Kitman Mark Stevenson, Trev Ford, Mark Williams, Andy Macfarlane.



13th November 2003 1400 KO at Burnaby road Portsmouth

RMFA 6 Fleet 0

(Richie Hope 3,Jase Kilner, Rich Harley, Jase Margrett pen)

The next day Naval Air Command drew 1-1 with Fleet after scoring an injury time equaliser which meant NAC went through to the final were they lost 3-2 AET to Scotland


The Team

1. John Turner

2. Jase Margrett 3. Terry Price 4. Chris Rowley

7.Richie Asson 6.Robbie Buglass 5.Jase Kilner 8.Craig Brown 11.Rich Harley

9. Richie Hope 10. Pete Oakden

Subs 12.Kevan Roberts (Margrett) 14.John Jackson (Brown) 15.Graeme Carr (Buglass) Subs not used Si Bochenski, Ian Pomeroy. Players not selected Karl Lockhart, Tommy Mcphee, Mark Lenton. Injured Harry Richardson, Lee Weatherall

Manager Shaun Foster, Assistant Manager Steve Marr, Physio Mick Hart, Kitman Mark Stevenson, Trev Ford



19th November 2003 1430 KO at New Beckenham

London Banks 2 RMFA 5 (Sean Naisbitt 3, H Richardson, Dave Robertson)

Despite an hatrick from Sean Naisbitt Captain Harry Richardson was awarded the Man of the Match, he scored a great bullet header from a Si Bochenski corner. Kev Fullalove rocked up with a broken jaw after falling down his stairs whilst drunk. John Jackson tore them apart with his blistering pace. Ian Michelson attended his first game as RMFA Secretary.


The Team

1. John Turner

4. Shaun Foster 5. Terry Price 3. Chris Rowley

2.Rich Harley 8.Si Bochenski 7.Ian Pomeroy 6.H Richardson 11.John Jackson

10. Sean Naisbitt 9. Jase kilner

Subs 12.Neil Pritchard (Harley) 14.Dave Robertson (Bochenski) 15.Mark Lenton (Price) 16.Kev Duckers (Foster) Injured Kev Fullalove

Stand in Manager Trev Ford, Secretary Ian Michelson, Kitman Mark Stevenson



9th December 2003 1400 KO at CTCRM

RMFA 1 (Richie Hope) Prison Service 5

Goal Keeper John Turner got sent off and Robbie Buglass suffered a serious gash to his leg after a reckless tackle on him.


The Team

1. John Turner

2. Mark Lenton 4. Robbie Buglass 5. Jase Margrett 3. Chris Rowley

7. Rich Harley 8. Si Bochenski 6. TBC 11. John Jackson

9. Richie Hope 10. TBC

Assistant Manager Steve Marr

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