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1960's Team Sheets

6th Dec 1960 at RMB Devonport 

Inter Commands group game

Royal Marines 1 (Mcilvenney), Plymouth Command 1


The Team

Mne Moseley (ITCRM), Cpl May (ITCRM), Mne Willie Turnbull (ITCRM), Mne Beasley (41Cdo), Mne Wilson (Depot RM Deal), Mne Jackie Freeman (RMB Eastney), Mne Jones (41Cdo), Cpl Davies (ITCRM), Mne Barratt (ITCRM), Mne Mcilvenney (RMB Eastney), Sgt Thompson (ITCRM).

30th Oct 1961

Royal Marines v Portsmouth FC

Royal Marines Team

1. Cpl Bannerman (41Cdo)

2. Mne Taylor (41Cdo) 3. Mne Mclean (41Cdo)

4. Cpl Freeman (RMB Eastney), 5. Mne Williams (41Cdo), 6. Mne Parks (RMB Eastney)

7. Mne Lobb (41Cdo), 8. Cpl Harris (Depot RM), 9. Mne Towse (Depot RM), 10. Mne Malhan (RMB Eastney)

Mne Wassell (Depot RM).

Reserves Sgt Stancliffe (JSAWC), Drum Major Bowden (RMB Eastney)

Referee QMS South (RMB Eastney)

Portsmouth Team

Capel, Blackburn, East, Yeo, Campbell, Crawford, Radcliffe, Taylor, Dawson, Moffatt, Milkins


21st March 1962 at Pitt Street Portsmouth

Inter Commands Final

Royal Marines 3 Plymouth Command 2

RM Goal Scorers (Crowthers 2, Mne Strading) * Crowthers scored after 35 seconds.

* This was the first year the Royal Marines were invited into the Inter Commands Competition.


The Team

Cpl Bannerman (41 Cdo), Mne Wassell (ITCRM), Mne Williams (41 Cdo), Cpl Haslam (RMB Eastney), Mne Taylor (41Cdo), Mne Towse (Depot RM Deal), Mne Strading (41Cdo), Mne Lawson (41Cdo), Mne Park (RMB Eastney), Mne Burgess (43Cdo), Mne Riley (41Cdo), Cpl Jackie Freeman (RMB Eastney), Crowthers, CSgt Purcell (Trainer), Cap John Brown (Secretary), Major Calloway (Chairman).




September 1963

Royal Marines 1 (Mne Atkinson), Portsmouth 2


The Team

Mne McKenna (Whirlwind), Mne Hunt (43Cdo), Cpl Willie Turnbull (Depot RM Deal), Cpl Jackie Freeman (RMB Eastney), Mne Hughes (41Cdo), Cpl John Ellis (Depot RM Deal), Mne Jones (41Cdo), Mne Atkinson (41Cdo), Mne Barratt (RMB Eastney), Mne Dod Malhan (41Cdo), Mne Hardy (43Cdo).

Second Half Sgt Johnnie Bickford (41Cdo), Mne Hemmings (ATURM), Mne Harris (ITCRM).




10th Feb 1964 at RMB Eastney Portsmouth

Royal Marines 1 (Mne Holly), Portsmouth FC 2


The Team

Mne Hemmings (ATURM), Sgt Newton (ATURM), Mne Taylor (RMB Eastney), Mne Hunt (43Cdo), Sgt Johnnie Bickford (41Cdo), Cpl Tony Higgins (ITCRM), Cpl Jackie Freeman (RMB Eastney), Cpl Willie Turnbull (Depot RM Deal), Mne Lenny Anderson (43Cdo), Mne Dod Malhan (Depot RM Deal), Mne Austwicke (RMB Eastney).

Second Half Mne Holly (Eastney, Cpl John Ellis (Depot RM Deal), Mne Weston (RMB Eastney).




 12th Feb 1964

Inter Commands Semi Final at RMB Eastney Portsmouth

Royal Marines 0 Portsmouth Command 3


The Team

Mne Hemmings, Sgt Newton, Mne Taylor, Sgt Johnnie Bickford, Cpl Tony Higgins, Cpl Jackie Freeman, Cpl Willie Turnbull, Mne Holly, Mne Lenny Anderson, Mne Dod Malhan, Mne Austwicke.





Royal Marines 1 Portsmouth FC 4

RM goal Scorer (Mne Wassell)


The Team

Mne Hemmings, Sgt Newton, Cpl Willie Turnbull, Cpl John Ellis, Cpl Millar, Sgt Johnnin Bickford (C), Mne Holly, Mne Wassell, Mne Barratt, LCpl Dod Malhan, Cpl Towse.





Royal Marines 7 RAF Transport Command 3

RM Scorers (Cpl Towse 3, Mne Holly 2, Cpl Dod Malhan (pen), Mne Wassell)


The Team

Mne Hemmings, Mne Taylor, Sgt Newton, Mne Day (HQ Plym Gp), Cpl Millar, Sgt Johnny Bickford (C), Recriut Evans (Depot RM Deal), Mne Holly, Cpl Towse, Cpl Dod Malhan, Mne Wassell.




Royal Marines 7 Hampshire Youth 5

RM Scorers (Cpl Towse 5, Mne Wassell, Mne Riley)


The Team

Mne Moseley (ITCRM), Mne Taylor, Cpl Willie Turnbull, Cpl Millar, Mne Day, Sgt Johnnie Bickford (C), Mne Barratt, Mne Riley (43Cdo), Cpl Towse, Mne Holly, Mne Wassell.


(Also that year Royal Marines 1 (Wassell), London Hospitals 3. Royal Marines 3 Aldershot Services 4.  Royal Marines 0 london Banks 1.)




  1965 Inter Commands

Royal Marines 1 Portsmouth Command 2

The following players of represented the RM in 1964/65 season.

Surg Lt Sharp RN (43Cdo), Mne Allen (ITCRM), Mne Hemmings (ATURM), Sgt Newton (ATURM), Cpl Willie Turnbull (Depot RM Deal), Cpl Towse (Depot RM Deal), Mne Barratt (8 Sigs Regt), Cpl John Ellis (Depot RM Deal), Cpl Millar (ITCRM), Sgt Johnny Bickford (41Cdo), Mne Holly (RMB Eastney), Mne Wassell (ITCRM), Mne Taylor (RMB Eastney), Mne day (Plymouth Gp RM), Recriut Evans (ITCRM), Mne Riley (43Cdo), Cpl Dod Malhan (Depot RM Deal), Mne Moseley (ITCRM).


Other Results in the 1965-66 season

Royal Marines 0 Portsmouth FC 10. 

Royal Marines 0 Royal Army Pay Corps 2. 

Royal Marines 1 Plymouth Argyle 2.

Royal Marines 1 Deal Town 4.

Royal Marines 2 London Hospitals 5

Royal Marines 4 London Banks 2.


1967 Inter Commands

 Royal Marines 2 Portsmouth Command 3 after extra time.

Royal Marines were 2-1 up at one stage.

The Royal Marines squad

McKenna (Deal), Jackie Freeman (Eastney), Underwood (Deal), Lenny Anderson (Plymouth), Towse (Deal), Demery (41Cdo), Wassell (41Cdo), Taylor (DPRORM), Barratt (Eastney), Hardy (43Cdo), Hunt (41Cdo), Tony Higgins (ITCRM), Riley (43Cdo), Smith (41Cdo), Best (41Cdo), Stuart Lindsey (ITCRM), Curly Barlow (Deal), Woodward (43Cdo), Kerr (ATURM), Clitheroe (Eastney).


Wednesday 23rd Oct 1968 Victory Stadium Portsmouth

Trafalgar Day Cup Match

Royal Navy (Portsmouth) v Royal Marines (Portsmouth Group)

Royal Marines (Portsmouth Group) Team 

1. Bob Fardoe (41Cdo), 2. David Roberts RN (Capt) (Depot), 3. Willie Turnbull (Depot), 4. Davey Hunt (41Cdo)

5. J Miller (41Cdo), 6. D Williams (DCGRM), 7. Andy Kerr (RMB), 8. Stuart Lindsey (DPRORM)

9. J Griffiths (41Cdo), 10. D Barlow (RMB), 11. Richie Wassell (41Cdo), 12. W Harrison (45Cdo)

Royal Navy (Portsmouth) Team

1. M Rogers (Sultan), 2. M Byrne (Sultan), 3. J Purdy (Collingwood), 4. W Metcalf (Capt) (Mercury)

5. J Sherris (Dolphin), 6. E Irwin (Vincent), 7. J Insoll, 8. B Woodgate, 9. J Roche (Dolphin)

10. A Izzard (Centurion), 11. W Bain (Sultan), 12. M Hicklin (President).

Referee Dr MJR. J Dillon (Excellent), Linesman CPO Bainbridge (Daedalus), PO EL A. Ausden (Excellent)

* The Trophy will be presented by Commodore R Young DSC


 18th December 1968

This team sheet was provided by LT David Roberts RN.

RMFA v Naval Air Command


The Teams


1. Mne Bob Fardoe (RNB Eastney)

2.Mne Wilson (41Cdo) 3.LT David Roberts RN (Depot RM)

4.Mne Hunt (41Cdo) 5.Cpl Miller (41Cdo) 6.Sgt Williams (Depot of CGRM)

7.Mne Richie Wassell (41Cdo) 8.Cpl Dod Malham (Depot RM) 9.Sgt Curly Barlow (RMB Eastney)

10.Mne Stuart Lindsey (DPRORM) 11.Cpl Andy Kerr (RMB Eastney)


Naval Air Command

1. LREM Goodchild (RNAS Culdrose)

2.LAM D. Harrison (RNAS Arbroath) 3.LREM T. Williamson (Boscombe Down)

4.AA2 B. Dixon (RNAS Yeovilton) 5.PO D. Edmunds (RNAS Brawdy)

6.REA D. Godwin (Capt)(HMS Daedalus) 7.Nam C. Scully (RNAS Lossiemouth)

8.LEM R. Walch (RNAS Yeovilton) 9.REA S. Malcomson (HMS Daedalus)

10.NAM A. Beattie (RNAS Arbroath) 11.LEM G. Pughsley (RNAS Brawdy)

The Referee was CY L. Macleod (Portsmouth). The Linesman were S/LT N. Phelps (Mercury) & PO Wtr D. Kennard (RNB Portsmouth)

22nd Jan 1969 Inter Commands Victory Stadium Portsmouth

Royal Marines v Plymouth Command 

The Teams

Royal Marines

Mne Palmer (Eastney)

Sgt Willie Turnbull (Depot), Mne Clark (41Cdo RM), Mne Wilson (41Cdo RM), Lt David Roberts (Deal)

Sgt Curly Barlow (Eastney), Sgt Williams (CG London).

Mne Richie Wassell (41Cdo RM), Cpl Dod Malhan (Depot RM), Mne Stuart Lindsey (DPRORM), Cpl Andy Kerr (Eastney)

Subs Mne Parks, Mne Steele (Warrior)

Plymouth Command

M(E) Chater (A.S. Staff), 2Lt Lambe-Hughes (RNEC Manadon), M(E) Wylie (Clarbeston), REA Williams (Eagle)

M(E) Turley (Ark Royal), LREM Milligan (Tyne), L/SEA Waddell (Raleigh), AB Collard (Tyne), L/Sea Day (Raleigh)

2Lt Reed (Capt) (Drake), L/Sea Proctor (Raleigh). Sub L/Sea Bray (Raleigh).

Referee PO Ck. J. Fish (Pembroke), Linesman CERA J. Jones, STWD D. Dean (Pembroke)

Wednesday 29th Jan 1969 Victory Stadium Portsmouth

Royal Marines Team

Mne Palmer (Eastney)

Sgt Willie Turnbull, Mne Clark (41Cdo RM), Mne Wilson (41Cdo RM), Lt David Roberts (Deal)

Mne Richie Wassell (41Cdo RM), Sgt Williams (CG London).

Sgt Curly Barlow (Eastney), Cpl Dod Malhan (Depot RM), Mne Stuart Lindsey (DPRORM), Cpl Andy Kerr (ATURM)

Sub Mne Steele (HMS Warrior)

Portsmouth Command Team

Mech T. Spilsbury (Dolphin)

L/Sea A. Clark (Collingwood), L/Wtr M Hickling (President), L/Sea Gillingham (Undaunted), 

R/Mech J. Power (Collingwood), Mech W. Bain (Dolphin), OEA D. Munford (Dolphin), AB M. O'shea (Dolphin)

REA J. Purdy (Collingwood), Wtr Izzard (Centurion)

Referee CDR P. Marshall (Daedalus), Linesman Lt A. Mitchenor (Daedalus), CPO D. Bainbridge (Daedalus)

12th March 1969 at Brickfields Plymouth


Royal Marines v John Conway

The Teams

Royal Marines

Mne Palmer (Eastney)

Lt David Roberts (Depot RM), Cpl Miller (41Cdo), Cpl Wilson (Depot RM), Mne Clark (41Cdo)

Sgt Williams (Depot RM), Mne Lenny Anderson Plymouth Gp)

Cpl Kerr (RMB Eastney), Mne Stuart Lindsay (RMB Eastney), Cpl Roger Prescott (45Cdo RM), Mne Richie Wassell (41Cdo RM)

Sub Mne Jennings (45Cdo RM)

John Conway Team

M. Perkins

M. Bartrop, P. Wakeham, D. Tilley, R. Benney, I. Wescott

J. Rogers, D. Underway, J. Newcombe, S. Wavish, D. Lang, Sub Higgins.

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