RMA Team Sheets

Saturday 18th May 2019 Luxor Stadium St Andrews Malta

Inaugural Royal Marines Association Football Club fixture

Malta Legends 4 RMA FC 1 (Pomeroy)

The Team

1. Bernard Broadhurst

2. Mark Lenton 4. Davie Carns 5. Ant Newton 3. Trev Ford

7. Rich Harley 6. Robbie Buglass 8. Richie Hope 11. George Kent

9. Mikey Husbands 10. James Beverley

Subs 12. Ian Pomeroy for Kent, 14. Stu Gould for Buglass, 15. Mick Hart for Ford, 16. Shaun Johnson for Broadhurst, 17. Mark Garrett for Carns, 18. Barry Farrimond for Husbands, 19. Steve Marr for Lenton.

Staff Director of Football Shaun Foster.

The Dalditch Cup

1120hrs KO 14th Sept 2019 at Endurance Park CTCRM Lympstone Devon

Royal Marines Association 4 (Saunders2, Quinn, Mcphee) Phil Margrett Legends 2

Man of the match James Beverley & Robbie Buglass

The Team

1. Kev Readings

2. Daz Berner 4. James Beverley 5. Robbie Buglass 3. Chris Sanders

6. Steve Stacey 7. Ian Pomeroy 8. Dean Quinn 11. Mark Pepperell

9. Sam Woodin (C) 10. Shea Saunders

Subs 12. Stu Gould for Sanders, 14. Tommy Mcphee for Pepperell, 15. Disco Rich for Pomeroy, 16. Si Bochenski for Quinn, 17. George Kent for John Sumner, 18. Rich Harley for Stacey, 19. Tigs Lenton for Berner, 20. Mick Hart for Lenton, 21. John Sumner for Saunders.

Staff Present, Chairman Steve Marr, Director of Football Shaun Foster, Standard Bearer Ian Mulholland.

Sat 14th Dec 2019 1330hrs KO

Honourable Artillery Company 2 Royal Marines Association 3

Goal Scorers (Hacon 2, Hope)

Man of the match Kev Readings

The Team

1. Kev Readings

2. Robbie Buglass 4. Shaun Foster 3. Trevor Ford

5. Mark Pepperell 6. Dave Roberton 7. Ian Pomeroy 8. Thaine Hacon 11. Stu Gould

9. Richie Hope 10. Mikey Husbands

Subs 12. George Kent, 14. Shaun Johnson

Staff Present, Chairman Steve Marr, Membership Secretary Ian Michelsen, RMA Operations manager (West) Phil Gilby

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