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2011 Team Sheets

Thursday 5th May 2011 at Endurance Park CTCRM

Royal Marines 3 Plymouth Argyle U18's 0

Scorers Mne Karl Rickard, Mne Dan Boere, Cpl Si Bochenski

Players making their debuts - Mne Sam Logan 42Cdo RM


The Team


Craig Mulholland (RN)


2. Cpl Wayne Shailer 4. Cpl Sam Woodin 5. BCpl Jase Obrien 3. Sgt Dean Quinn

                    (30Cdo RM)                (FPGRM)          (Plymouth Band)      (RMR London)


6. Sgt Ads Fowler 7. Mne Dan Boere 8. Mne Karl Rickard 11. Mne Sam Logan

                    (CTCRM)               (Bovington)              (CTCRM)                 (42Cdo)


9. Mne Mikey Husbands 10. Cpl Si Bochenski (C)

                                                  (CTCRM)                        (RNAS Yeovil)


Subs 12. Sgt Richard Griffin (CTCRM) for Logan. 14. Cpl Lee Douglas (CTCRM) for Fowler. 15. Sgt Rich Harley (Cdo Display team) for Woodin. 16. WO2 Mark Lenton (Cdo Log Regt) for Boere.

Staff Present Manager Cpl Shaun Foster (Fleet USSO Blandford), Assistant Manager WO1 Shaun Welburn (DST Leconfield), Physio CSgt Shaun Hayes (30Cdo), Secretary CSgt Ian Mulholland (Hasler Coy Plymouth), Chairman Capt Paul Collinson (Hasler Coy Plymouth), Kitman Cpl Jase Kilner (Hasler Coy Plymouth).



Thursday 19th May 2011 at Tavistock School 3G astro pitch

Elburton Villa U18's 0 Royal Marines 4

Scorers Sgt Richard Griffin 2, Mne Mikey Husbands, Sgt Dean Quinn

Striker Mikey Husbands missed a first half penalty.


The Team 


Craig Mulholland (RN)


2. Cpl Ant Newton 4. Sgt Wayne Shailer 5. BCpl Jase Obrien 3. Cpl Liam Bennett 


6. Mne Sam Logan. 14. Mne Dan Boere. 8. Sgt Dean Quinn. 10. Cpl Si Bochenski (C)


9. Mne Mikey Husbands 11. Sgt Richard Griffin


Subs. 12. Sgt Adam Fowler for Shailer. 15. CSgt Richie Hope for Quinn. 16. Sgt Richie Harley for Logan. 17. WO2 Tigs Lenton for Bennett. 18. Cpl Shaun Foster for Husbands.

Staff Present. Manager Cpl Shaun Foster. Secretary CSgt Ian Mulholland. Kitman Cpl Jason Kilner.



Saturday 4th June 2011 at Peebles Scotland

Mne Al Lucas memorial tournament


The Squad 

Players used. Craig Mulholland (RN), Cpl Sam Woodin, Cpl Shaun Foster, WO1 Shaun Welburn, Sgt Rich Harley, Mne Sam Logan, Mne Karl Rickard, Mne Mikey Husbands, Cpl Si Bochenski, Mne Dan Boere, Capt Steve Marr

Staff CSgt Ian Mulholland.



Saturday 16th July 2011 at Taunton Town Football Club

 Taunton Town 2 (Veale, Grant) Royal Marines 1 (Husbands pen)


The Team

1. WO2 Buglass

2. Cpl Newton 4. Mne Sampson 5. Cpl Woodin 3. Sgt Quinn

6. Sgt Fowler 7. LCpl Boere 8. Mne Rickard

10. Mne Conett 9. Mne Husbands 11. Cpl Bochenski

Subs 12. Sgt Shailer for Newton 14. LCpl Atiba for Quinn GK. Mne Ashford-Brown for Buglass. 15 Mne Logan for Boere 16. Sgt Griffin for Bochenski 17. Sgt Harley for Sampson.

Staff Present, Capt Paul Collinson (Chairman), Cpl Shaun Foster (Manager), WO1 Shaun Welburn (Assistant Manager), CSgt Ian Mulholland (Secretary)



Thursday 21st July 2011 at Ideal Standard Hull

Hull City U18's 5 Royal Marines 1 (Mark Connet)

Mne Dan Peak FPGRM made is debut.


Team line up

1. WO2 Buglass

2. Cpl Sam Woodin 4 Cpl Shaun Foster (C) 5 Mne Scott Sampson 3 Mne Karl Rickard

6. Mne Mark Conett 7. LCpl Dan Boere 8. Mne KT Tunstall 11. Cpl Rich Harley

9. Mne Mikey Husbands 10. Mne David Middlemas

Subs 12. Mne Dan Peak for Woodin 14. Mne Sam Logan for Boere 15. WO1 Shaun Welburn for Sampson. AB Craig Mulholland for Buglass. 17. Cpl Al Small for Foster. 16. Sgt Wayne Shailer not used (injured)

Staff Capt Paul Collinson (Chairman), CSgt Ian Mulholland (Secretary), Shaun Johnson (RMFA No 1 Fan)



Thursday 15th Sept 2011 at Endurance Park CTCRM

Royal Marines 1 (Middlemass) National Fire Service 1

Lt Ed Campbell, Mne Miles Sutcliffe, Mne Lee Salmons, Mne Baxter, Mne Bath all made their debuts.


The Team line up


1. Lt Ed Campbell


2. Cpl  Ant Newton 4. Cpl Davie Carns (C), 5. Cpl Sam Woodin 3. Sgt Dean Quinn


6. CSgt Richie Hope 7. Mne Karl Rickard 8. Mne Chris Tunstall 11. Mne Mark Conett


9. Mne Mikey Husbands 10. Mne Dave Middlemass


Subs 12. Mne Bath for Conett 14. Sgt Richie Harley for Hope 15. Mne Miles Sutcliffe for Woodin 16. Mne Lee Salmons for Middlemass 17. Sgt Wayne Shailer for Quinn 18. Mne Dan Boere for Tunstall GK. Mne Baxter for Campbell GK Cpl James Satchell Sub not used Mne Scott Sampson injured



Royal Navy Inter Commands 23rd to 26th Sept 2011

at HMS Temeraire Portsmouth

Sunday 23rd Sept 2011 

  Royal Marines 4 Scotland Command 0

Goal Scorers (Husbands (pen), Bochenski, Connet, Boere


The Team Line up


1. Lt Ed Campbell (RN)



2. Cpl Ant Newton 5. Cpl Davie Carns (C), 4, Mne Scott Sampson 3. Cpl Sam Woodin

(CTCRM)                  (30Cdo)                        (40Cdo)                      (FPGRM)



6. Sgt Adam Fowler 7. Mne Chris Tunstall 8. Mne Karl Rickard  11. Mne Mark Connet

     (CTCRM)                 (Cdo Log Regt)                 (CTCRM)            (Portsmouth Band)


9. Mne Mikey Husbands 10. Cpl Si bochenski

       (CTCRM)                        (CHF Yeovilton)



Subs 12. CSgt Richie Hope (CTCRM) for Newton. 14. LCpl Dan Boere (ASC Bovington) for Tunstall. 15. Mne Dave Middlemass (CTCRM) for Bochenski. Subs not used BCpl Jase OBrien (Portsmouth Band), Cpl James Satchell (ASC Bovington)

Staff WO1 Shaun Welburn (assistant manager), Capt Steve Marr (assistant chairman), CSgt Ian Mulholland (secretary)



 Inter Commands 2nd group game Tuesday 25th Sept 2011

Royal Marines 6 Portsmouth Command 3 (HT 2-1)

RMFA goal Scorers (Carns, Salmons 2, Husbands 2, Connet)


The Team line up


1. Lt Ed Campbell (RN)


2. Ant Newton 5. Cpl Davie Carns (C), 4. Mne Scott Sampson, 3. Cpl Sam woodin


6. Sgt Adam Fowler, 7. LCpl Dan Boere 8. Mne Karl Rickard 11. Mne Mark Connet


9. Cpl Si Bochenski 10. Mne Lee Salmons


Subs 12 Mne Shea Saunders for Newton. 14. Mne Jack Bath for Rickard. 15. Mne Mikey Husbands for Bochenski. Subs not used Sgt Richie Harley & BCpl Jase Obrien

Staff same as previous game



Inter Commands Final Wed 26th Sept 2011

 Royal Marines 2 Naval Air Command 0 AET. Full time 0-0

Goal Scorers Mne Mark Connet & Cpl Si Bochenski


The Team line up


1. Lt Ed Campbell (RN)


2. Sgt Adam Fowler, 5. Cpl Davie Carns (C), 4. Mne Scott Sampson, 3. Cpl Sam Woodin


6. CSgt Richie Hope, 7. Mne Chris Tunstall 8. Mne Karl Rickard 11. Mne Mark Connet


9. Mne Mikey Husbands 10. Mne Lee Salmons


Subs 12. Mne Shea Saunders for Hope, 14. LCpl Dan Boere for Rickard. 15. Cpl Si Bochenski for Salmons. Subs not used Sgt Richie Harley & Mne Dave Middlemass

Staff same as previous game



Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011 at Kent County Cricket Ground Beckenham Kent 

Lloyds of London 3 Royal Marines 4

Scorers (Logan, Boere, Kennedy, Husbands)

Players making their debuts - Mne Matt Dawson FPGRM, Mne Dan Moxham 40Cdo, Mne Ollie Kennedy 45Cdo, Mne Mark Frost ASG Yeovilton.

Man of the match Matty Platten Cdo Log Regt


The Team Line up


1 Cpl James Satchel (ASC Bovington)


2. Mne Sam Logan 5. Cpl Davie Carns (C) 4. Mne Scott Sampson 3. Mne Matty Platten

42Cdo                                  30Cdo                            40Cdo                     Cdo Log Regt


7. CSgt Richie Hope 8. Mne Chris Tunstall 6. Mne Lee Hildreth 11. Sgt Richie Harley

CTCRM                         Cdo Log Regt                      42Cdo                     CTCRM


9. Mne Mikey Husbands             10. LCpl Dan Boere

CTCRM                                   ASC Bovington


Subs 12.Mne  Dan Moxham 40Cdo for Logan. 14. Mne Ollie Kennedy 45Cdo for Harley. 15. Mne Matt Dawson FPGRM for Boere. WO2 Mark Lenton Cdo Log Regt for Hildreth. GK Mne Mark Frost ASG Yeovilton for Satchel.

Staff Cpl Shaun Foster (Manager), WO1 Shaun Welburn (Assistant Manager), Kitma/Physio Cpl Stu Gould.

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