1970's Team Sheets

The Royal Navy FA Inter Command Cup Final At Victory Stadium

 Wednesday 4th March 1970 Kick Off 1430

Naval Air Command 0 v Royal Marines Command 2 (Houston, McNeil)


Royal Marines Team

1. Cpl John Maxwell (HQ Cdo Forces)

2. Cpl Archie Houston (ITCRM), 3. Mne Ray Johnston (HQ Cdo Forces), 4. Sgt Curly Barlow (RMB Eastney)

5. Cpl Wilson (ITCRM), Mne Terry Glover (45CdoRM), 7. Cpl Dod Malhan (RM Depot Deal)

8. Cpl Stewart Lindsay (ITCRM), 9. Mne Hardman (41CdoRM), 

10. Mne McNeil (ATURM), 11. Cpl Scott (RM Depot Deal)

Subs Sgt Williams (HQ Cdo Forces), Cpl Andy Kerr (ATURM)

Naval Air Command Team

1. N.A. Harner (Yeovilton)

2. LREM. Sivertseen (Daedalus) 3. AA2. Burrows (Yeovilton) 4. LT. Hyslop (Daedalus) 5. POEL. Edmonds (Brawdy)

6. N.A. Kell (Daedalus) 7. N.A. Scully (Lossimouth) 8. LREM. Vakplew (Daedalus) 9. REA Malcolmson (Culdrose)

10. N.A. Beattie (Arbroath) 11. POEL. Pughsley (Daedalus)

Sub LREM. Maceachen

 Referee Canteen Manager S Kerrison (Sirius), Linesman REA R House (Excellent) & REA J. C. Boyce (Excellent)



The Royal  Navy FA Inter Command Cup Final at Brickfields Plymouth

Wednesday 24th Feb 1971 Kick Off 1430

Plymouth 3 Royal Marines 1


The Team

1. Mne J West (41 Cdo RM)

2. Mne Elliot (CTCRM), 3. QMS Jackie Freeman (RMB Eastney), 4. Sgt Millar (41Cdo RM), 5. Sgt T Higgins (RMB Eastney)

6. Cpl Clarke (RM Depot Deal),  7. Mne Ray Johnston (Cdo Forces), 8. Sgt Nicholson (CTCRM)

9. Cpl Buck Taylor (RM Depot Deal), 10. Cpl Jimmy Foy (41 Cdo RM), 11. Mne Mick Woods (ATURM)

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