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1904 Team Sheets

Army Cup 4th round 9th Feb 1904 played at Brickfields Devonport Plymouth

Royal Marines Artillery (Eastney) 4, 1st L.N. Lancashire Regiment 1

RMA Scorers Guthrie, Smith, Corbin 2.

Referee Mr G. Jones, Devon County Hon Secretary

The Team 

Reynolds, Bombardier G. McDonald, Gnr G. Hall, Gnr C. Heath, Corporal J.S. Collier, Bombardier W. Lee, Gnr J. McLean, Gnr J. Husband, Gnr T. Corbin, Gnr D. Guthrie, Gnr W.J. Smith.

Lancashire Regiment Team

Carter, Windward, Spencer, Goodie, Kay, Moss, Wilkes, White, McMahon, Daker, Ashcroft.


Army Cup Semi Final 21st Mar 1904 played at Bramall Lane Sheffield  attendance 5,000

Royal Marines Artillery (Eastney) 1 1st Battalion Cameron Highlanders 0

RMA scorer Smith

Referee Mr J. Morton (Sheffield)

The Team

(goal) Corporal W. T.  Harper, (Backs) Gnr G. Hall, Bombardier E. McDonald. (half backs) Gnr Heath, Corporal J. S. Collier, Bombardier W. ,. Lee, (forwards) Gnr McLean, Gnr Husband, Gnr Corbin, Gnr Smith, Gnr Guthrie.

1st Battalion Cameron Highlanders Team

(goal) Corporal Cranston, (backs) Lance Corporal Nicols, Pte Perral, (half backs) Pte Robertson, Pte Dempsey, Lance Corporal Innes,  (forwards) Lance Corporal Reeves, Sergeant Kennedy, Sergeant Donald Dickson Farmer, V.C., Private McIntosh, Private Douglas.

Army Cup Final Monday 4th April 1904 at Aldershot

Royal Marines Artillery (Eastney, Portsmouth) 1, Royal Engineers (Service Battalion, Chatham) 0, Attendance 7,000

goal scorer McLean 90th minute.

Referee Captain Simpson, Linesmen Major Ford, Captain Curtis

The Team

(goal keeper) Corporal W. T. Harper, (backs) Bombardier E. McDonald, Gnr G. Hall, (half backs) Gnr C. Heath, Corporal J.S. Collier, Bombardier W. Lee, (forwards) Gnr J. Mclean, Gnr J. Husband, Gnr T. Corbin, Gnr W.J. Smith, Gnr D. Guthrie.

Royal Engineers Team

(Goal keeper) Watson, (Backs) Ling, Garsden, (half backs) Taylor, Barlow, Bass. (forwards) Kenleman, Brown, Johnston, Young, Patterson.

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