Royal Navy Inter Regional Competition

In 1903/4 Major J.E. Pink Mayor of Portsmouth presented the Inter Port Cup to the Royal Navy Football Association. The first Inter Port Cup competition winners were Portsmouth who in 1905 defeated Devonport 4-0 at Fratton Park Portsmouth. With the exception of the War years 1914-1918 & 1939-1944 this competition was played annually until 1946. Then in 1947 changes within the Royal Navy particularly were Command structures were concerned, the Inter Port competition was renamed the Inter Command competition. This allowed for the introduction of Naval Air Command & for Chatham & Devonport to be renamed NORE & Plymouth Commands respectively.

In 1962, for sporting purposes the Royal Marines & Scotland were invited to join the competition with the Royal Marines winning the competition that first year beating Plymouth 3-2. NORE Command also changed their name to Medway Command. With the demise of Medway Command in the early 1980's they were replaced by Fleet Command. In 2006 Fleet Command were replaced by the Royal Navy U21's team so they could prepare themselves in time for their Inter Service competition. In 2008 the Royal Navy U21's increased the age limit and became the Royal Navy U23's to come into line with their Army & RAF counter parts. Also at this time Plymouth were renamed Western Region, Scotland renamed Northern Region and Portsmouth were renamed Eastern Region.

The six participating teams are Eastern Region, Western Region, Naval Air Command, Northern Region, Royal Marine & Royal Navy U23's.

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