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1940's Team Sheets

21st Oct 1944 Trafalgar Cup

Royal Marines 4 (Aston 2, Hirst, Davies) v Royal Navy 3 (Brown 2, Hughes)

Half Time Score was 3-0 to Royal Navy


No Teams sheet found but match report available upon request.

24th Oct 1945 Trafalgar Cup

Royal Marines v Royal Navy 

Score TBC

Royal Marines Team

1. Mne William Ranner

2. Cpl Frost 3. Mne Piper (Fulham FC) 4. Sgt Platt-Chance 5. Cpl Reg Flewin (Portsmouth FC)

6. Mne McCallum (Morton FC) 7. Mne Wilkinson (Nottingham Forest) 8. Sgt Lund 9. Mne Stott (Portsmouth FC) 

10. Mne Mullard (Walsall FC) 11. Mne Saunders

Royal Navy Team

1. PO Taylor (Grimsby Town) 2. PO Crossley (Portsmouth FC) 3. AB Lewis, 4. AB Davies,

5. AB Egglestone (Derby County) 6. PO Stock, 7. TEL Kerr (Aston Villa), 8. PO Thomas (Brentford), 9. PO James (Chelsea), 10. AB Taylor (Newcastle United), 11. PO Highett (Portsmouth FC)

Wednesday 8th January 1947

Privett Park Gosport

Royal Marines 4 (Astell 2, Martin 2) v Royal Navy Air Command 2

The Team 

William Ranner, Topham, Pratt, Cpl E.L. Hayes, Sgt C.S.P. Hayes (Brothers), Platt-Chance, Martin, Astell, Court, Black

Wednesday 14th January 1948

Privett Park Gosport

Royal Marines 4 (Lindop, Gibson 2, Hayes) v Royal Navy Air Command 5

Royal Marines Team

1. Mne William Ranner (Po.)

2. Sgt Smith (Ch.) 3. Musn Hopkins (R.N.S.M) 4. Sgt Patt-Chance (Deal), 5. CSgt Green (po.)

6. Cpl Dearsly (Po.) 7. Cpl Weaver (Po.) 8. Sgt Hayes (Po.) 9. Mne Lindop (I.T.C)

10. Mne Gibson (I.T.C) 11. Mne Wray (Ch.)

 1949 Exact date & location unknown

Royal Marines 5 (Platt-Chance, Le Maitre 2, TBC, TBC) v Devonport Command 4

The Team

Cpl Powell (Ganges), Mne Middleton (Deal), Sgt Lund (Deal), Sgt Terrell (ITC), Mne Pittock (C.S.R.M), Sgt Fowkes (ITC) Mne Fletcher (ITC), Cpl Martin (Plymouth), Sgt Platt-Chance (Vincent), Cpl Lindop (Deal), Mne Le-Maitre (Plymouth).

17th March 1949 at Oxford

Royal Marines 3 (Hayes 3) v Air Command 2

Mne William Ranner (Po), Sgt Leban (Ch), SSgt Day (Deal), Mne Clapton, Sgt Hayes,

Mne Mekikle (C.S.R.M), Sgt Weaver (po), Musn Galvin (R.N.S.M), Band Sgt Saunders (R.N.S.M) Sgt Pratt (Deal)

Royal Marines 10 (Pratt 6, Weaver 2, Saunders 2) London University 3

Mne William Ranner (Po), Sgt Leban (Ch), Mne Garrett (Deal), SSgt Day (Deal), Sgt Weaver (Po), Mne Mekikle (C.S.R.M), Sgt Pratt (Deal), Musn Galvin (R.N.S.M), Band Sgt Saunders (R.N.S.M)

Wednesday 16th November 1949 at Millbay Park Plymouth

Royal Marines 3 (Ridge, Lindop, Fletcher) v Devonport Command 1

The Team

Mne Northage (Ch), Sgt Smilley (Ply), Sgt Barrows (Ch), QMS Day (Deal), Sgt Russell (Deal), Cpl Ridge (Deal), Cpl Lindop, (Deal), Mne Gibson (ITCRM), Cpl Martin (HMS Vanguard), Mne Didcot (C.S.R.M), Mne Fletcher (ply).

Wednesday 14th December 1949 at Chatham

Royal Marines 8 (Birch, Hayes, Martin 3, Fletcher 3) v United Banks 0

The Team

*Only 6 named in Globe & Laurel Northage, Day, Birch, Hayes, Martin, Fletcher

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