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1950's Gallery

1950 42Cdo Lim Seng Fook cup Winners

Back row L to R Lieut P Turner (Hon Sec), Mne Goodlad, Mne Lauder, Cpl Weller, Sgt Ketcher (Trainer)

Centre row L to R Cpl Townsend, Cpl Watson, Cpl Harrop, Mne Saggers.

Front row L to R Mne Clark, Mne Highton (Capt), Lt Col R.W Madoc (CO 42Cdo RM), Mne Mays,Mne Homer.

1951 42Cdo RM.jpg

1951 42 Commando RM

Winners of the 3 Cdo Bde Challenge Cup Malaya

Back row L to R Mne B Goodland, Cpl D Warner, Sgt K Ketcher (Coach), Cpl J W Puttock, Mne D Homer.

Centre row L to R Mne A R Curry, Mne W B Lauder, Mne T Snaith.

Front row L to R Mne W Patterson, Cpl R Watson (Capt), Lt Col R W Madoc (CO 42Cdo), Mne D L Clark, Mne R S Hodgson.

The team, then including Mne R Hepburn, went on to win the Far East Land Forces Cup at Tanglin Barracks Singapore beating the Singapore Engineer Regiment 2-1 AET.

1951 P.R.O.R.M Football Team

The 1st Xl won the Kent Amateur Leage Cup beating Chislet Colliery 7-0 & tied for first place in the League but lost on goal difference to Cheriton. The 2nd Xl "A" team reached the semi final of the Deal & District League Cup.

The 2nd Xl "B" teak won the Deal & District League B Section.

Back row L to R Mne Mackay, Mne Kirkaldy, Mne Thelwell, Mne Cleaver, Mne Wymer, Mne Farrer, Mne McKormack, Cpl Pugh

Middle row L to R Cpl Holyoake, Cpl Coe, Cpl Bennison, Mne Hewitt, Mne Rhodes, Mne sales, Sgt West, Mne Reid, Mne Page.

Front row L to R CSgt J Jones (PTI), Sgt Haig (Capt 2nd Xl), Capt W.R Hinchin (Chairman), Colonel R.F Cornwall C.B.E (President), Sgt Pickett (Secretary), Sgt Edmonds (Capt 1st Xl), Cpl Hadfield.

1952 Commando School Winners of the Plymouth Combination Cup

They also won the Plymouth Combination Premier League

Cpl Lewens after receiving the Cup from the President of the Plymouth Combination Premier Committee. They beat CO-OP Welfare 2-0 in the final.

1952 Portsmouth Group (S) 2nd Xl

Winners of the Portsmouth Junior Cup & Runners up of the Portsmouth US League Division 2

Among the photograph are Sgts Levey & Fry.

1953 to 1957 42Cdo Football team in Malta

(sent in by Richard Thurston)

Back Row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, Ray Thurston RM11442

Front Row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC

1955 RM 2 v Naval Airmen 0 at Naples Stadium.jpg
1955 Royal Marines 2 v Naval Airmen 0

Back row: Hunter. (L) Pack. O'Conner. Ron Rollings. Lewis. Doggett. Aston .

Front row: Clague. Pease. Hartley. Warham. Wolverton

1956 42Cdo Football team in Malta

(Sent in by Richard Thurston)

Back row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, Ray Thurston RM11442, TBC

Front row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC.

Royal Marines Football Team 12th Dec 1956
(sent in by Tony Coppard)

Top Row L to R QMS j Day (selector), Mne JS Freeman, LT AP Downton (Corps Sports Sec), Mne H McIlveney.

Middle Row L to R 2nd Lt QM FT Coppard (selector), Mne G Munday, Sgt SG Shakespeare Mne DM Staker, Cpl KH Smith, Mne H Goodison, Mne RF Saggers, Mne J Watson, QMS JA Hawes (selector).

Front Row L to R Mne G Burrow, Mne MJ Pickin, Mne FA Martindale, Capt P Turner MBE (Chairman), Cpl VC Davies (capt), Cpl W Robertson, Mne J Gavagan, Cpl C Dain, Musn GE Ward

1956 ITCRM Soccer team 
(sent in by Tony Coppard)
Winners of the Exeter & District League 
Back row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC, Cpl VC Davies (capt), TBC, TBC, TBC, TBC
Front row L to R TBC, TBC, TBC, 2nd Lt QM FT Coppard (selector), Mne RF Saggers
1958/59 B Troop 40Cdo Malta (sent in by George English)

Back Row L to R Lt Benjamin Havilland Churchill Le Mesurier (Manager) M Morgan, W Wilde, G English, J Birtles, V Bell, J McNichols, T Simpson( Trainer)

Front Row L to R  T Gallagher, C Birch, A Cole, R Robinson, B Hickey.

(Wilde, Birltes, McNichols, Robinson, Hickey,Simpson were all National Service men)

1959 726 Squad Football team.jpg

1959 726 squad after winning the recruits cup at Deal

Back row L to R Sergeant Barton, MacKinder, Thomas, TBC, Algie Clark, Ian Jones, Derek Atkinson, Cpl Nixon PTI.

Front row L to R Terry Richardson, Gerry Smith, Rocky Lane, Dougie Fenwick, Tiny Coates.

They also came runners up in the boxing

1959 45Cdo RM Malta.jpg

1959 45Cdo RM Malta

sent in by Earle Ryan

Back row L to R Earle Ryan, Jock Parkes, TBC3, TBC4, TBC5, TBC6

Front row L to R TBC7, Kevin Wood, TBC9, TBC10, TBC11

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