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Royal Marine Jim Foy 1965 - 1981 tbc

By RMFA Historian Shaun Foster

1972 Jim Foy RM playing for the RNFA.png

Royal Marine Jim Foy pictured in 1972 representing the Royal Navy

Globe & Laurel Magazine Christmas 1977, Sgt Jim Foy RM sportsman of the Month

Jim Foy joined the Corps in 1965 and very shortly afterwards he represented 3 Cdo Bde at soccer in the Far East. In 1968 he found himself boxing for 40 Cdo RM and reached the finals of the RN open boxing championships in Singapore, subsequently returning to the UK to qualify as a Physical Training Instructor in 1969, On completion of the PT course, Jim represented a combined 41 Cdo/HMS Bulwark soccer team playing against the Greek Navy in the Greek National Stadium. At this stage Jim's football career, having represented the Corps and Royal Navy in 1971-72-73 he qualified for the Full Badge coaching award in 1974.

The first coaching opportunity for him was with a youth team from CTCRM whom he coached into the area finals of the Royal Navy youth cup. During his draft in HMS Fearless in 1975 he coached the ship's team playing against Santos youth, Barbados and many more eventually winning the Maxi Cup. In 1976 Jim was selected as Corps Coach.

In 1977 Sgt Foy succeeded CPO Derek Godwin as the Navy Senior coach and he will also take over him as team manager of the Portsmouth RN Hampshire league side.

Jim Foy played for and coached both the Royal Marines & Royal Navy during his military career. The Royal Marines won the 1977 Inter Commands under his managership and he also coached CTCRM to the Tunney Cup in 1980.

1972 Royal Navy 1 v Army Rhine 1.JPG

1972 Royal Navy 1 Army Rhine 1

Back row L to R Tony Taylor RM, Merriman, Mick Patterson, Noone, Jimmy Foy RM, Vamplew, Hislop, Gibson.

Front row L to R Tony Higgins RM, George Welsh, Ray Johnston RM, Keith Wilson RM, Cosker.

1978-79 RNFA Squad.jpg

1978/79 Royal Navy FA Squad

Back row L to R J Quinn (Asst Coach), K Barnes, R Reed, Kev Maddock, I Rodgers, R Vercessi, Gary Holland, Alan Carlisle, L Ashmore, Ian Rees, Tony Miklinski, S Kerrison. Front row L to R Jimmy Foy RM (Senior Coach), Tommy Johnson (Capt), G Walker, G Smith, Lt Cdr D Woodgate (Manager), Lt Cdr H.A Sheppard (Sec), Paul Dixon RM, Lee Tongue, W Green, TBC

1980 Tunney Cup winners CTCRM.png

1980 Tunney Cup Winners CTCRM 

CTCRM beat 40 Cdo RM 3-1 (Tiv Lowe Hatrick)

Back Row L to R Cpl Jimmy Foy (Coach), Cpl R Lake-Bullen, Sgt Jan Endicotte, LCpl Dondo Pearson, Sgt Alan Cain, Cpl Phil Keith, Cpl Tiv Lowe Front Row L to R Cpl Sammy Boyiadjis, Cpl Paul Dixon, Mne J Watson, Mne Andy Holding, Cpl Mick Eccles (Capt), Cpl W Clayton

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