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Former Players Stories

Lenny Anderson 1961 - 1969

By RMFA Historian Shaun Foster

1968 Inter Commands Captain Lenny Anders
1968 Inter Commands Winning Captain, Marine Lenny Anderson

Lenny Anderson was born in Douglas Isle of Man In 1944 and joined the Royal Marines in 1961 arriving at RM Depot Deal and joining 770 squad. Prior to joining up he played football for Plymouth School Boys. 

During his military career Lenny served & played for 42 Commando, 43 Commando, 45 Commando & 40 Commando in Singapore whilst also representing the Royal Marines, United Services League representative team, Royal Navy & Combined Services, he also represented the Army & Combined Services whilst stationed in Aden. Lenny also played civilian football for Truro City & Wadebridge Town.

In 1965 Marine Anderson won the USMC Challenge trophy more commonly known as the Tunney Cup after it was presented to the Royal Marines in December 1928 by Captain Gene Tunney USMC & heavy weight boxing champion of the world 1926-1928.

Lenny names the following players as some of the best from his playing days, Davey Hunt, Ray Johnston, John Riley, Tony Higgins & John Bickford.

1965 43Cdo Tunney Cup Winners Len Anders

1965 Tunney Cup Winners 43Cdo RM (Bickleigh Bks Plymouth) beat ATURM 3-1

43Cdo goal scorers (Hardy, Anderson, Quinn)

Back row L to R C/Sgt Ken Bashford, Pompey Weaver, TBC3, D William's, Dusty Miller, Thornly? , Chic Torrence, Bernie Quinn

Front row L to R M Murray,, W Barr, Lenny Anderson, M Hardy, J Riley, TBC14

1966 RMFA team 2.png

1966 Royal Marines Football Team

Back row L to R Captain John Brown (Chairman), lieutenant V Henry, Captain Ron Woodruff (Secretary), Demery, McKenna, Tony Higgins, Clithloe, Lenny Anderson, John Ellis (Coach), Johnny Scott (Trainer)

Front row L to R John Riley, Davey Hunt, Stuart Lindsay, Towse, Jackie Freeman (Capt), Richie Wassell, Buck Taylor, Curly Barlow.

1965-66 Inter Services Winners Royal Nav

1965-66 Inter Service Winners Royal Navy FA.

Back row L tor R Hunt, TBC2, TBC 3, TBC4, Brian Crawford, TBC6, Geof Atkey, Chief PTI Bob Mitchell

Front row L to R TBC9, Lenny Anderson, Trevor Salisbury, Jimmy Coates, TBC13

In 1968 Lenny was instrumental as Captain of the Royal Marines team leading them to victory in the Inter Commands final. Having lost to Portsmouth Command in the previous 3 finals 1965/66/67 the two teams met once again at the Victory stadium Portsmouth and it was the Corps team who denied Portsmouth a 5th tournament win in 5 years when beating them 4-1 with goals from Curly Barlow, Len Anderson (pen), Richie Wassell & Stuart Lindsay. It was to be the final game for retiring RMFA Chairman Captain John Brown RM & RMFA Secretary Captain Ron Woodruff who were two instrumental figures in Corps football.

1968 Inter Commands Captains Len Anderso

1968 Inter Commands pre match hand shake Marine Lenny Anderson (10)

Quote from the match report "Portsmouth, although high riding leaders of the Hampshire league Div 2, played second fiddle to a Corps side driven on relentlessly by hard working skipper Lenny Anderson who was an inspiration to his men both in defence & attack'.

1968 Inter Commands Winners Royal Marine

1968 Inter Commands Winners Royal Marines

Royal Marines 4 (Barlow, Anderson (Pen), Wassell, Lindsay)  Portsmouth Command 1

Back row L/R Capt Woodruff , Johnny Scott, Archie Houston, Geordie Kirtley, Tony "Buck" Taylor, Roger Prescott, TBC, Dusty Miller, Dod Malhan, Williams, Capt John Brown, John Ellis (coach). Front row L/R Josh Holly, Stuart Lindsay, Richie Wassell, Lenny Anderson (Capt), Davey Hunt, Curly Barlow.

1968 Royal Navy Football Team 27th March

1968 Royal Navy Inter Services team v RAF 27/03/1968.

Standing L to R John Ellis RM, Curly Barlow RM, David Roberts, Jock Currie, Brian Crawford, Mick Rogers, Geoff Atkey, Derek Godwin (Capt), Lt Cdr John Ennis (RNFA Secretary).

Front Row L to R Josh Holley RM, Sammy Malcolmson, Terry Lowdnes, Lenny Anderson RM, Glyn Pughsley.

There was one change against the Army, Davy Hunt RM replaced Curly Barlow as reserve.

1968 August Inter Services Singapore RN

1968 Inter Services (Singapore)

Royal Navy 5 (Titchener 3, Pugh, Best) Army 1.

Standing L to R Sgt John Ellis RM (Coach), Mne Elliott RM, Mne Lenny Anderson RM (Capt), C.P.O Jones, M.E. George Welsh, APP Titchener, R.E.M Pugh, Mne Woodward RM, Sgt Tony Higgins RM, Johnny Scott RM.

Front row L to R Mne McKenna RM, LCpl Best RM, Mne Murray RM, A.B Flemming, Mne Ray Johnston RM, Sgt Jackie Freeman RM (Assistant Coach)

1972-73 Wadebrige Town.jpg

1972/73 Wadebridge Town F.C Winners of the Cornwall Charity Cup

Back row L to R R Radford (Manager), B Chapman (Capt), Lenny Anderson, J Parker, P Neale, A Gilroy, L George (Hon. Secretary)

Front row L to R D Blewett, D Ferrett, D Hayden, D Francis, M Dingle, M Mullis.

Team Sheets from various teams Lenny has represented

10th Feb 1964 Royal Marines 1 (Mne Josh Holly), Portsmouth FC 2 played at RMB Eastney Portsmouth

The Team

Mne Hemmings (ATURM), Sgt Newton (ATURM), Mne Taylor (RMB Eastney), Mne Davey Hunt (43Cdo), Sgt Johnnie Bickford (41Cdo), Cpl Tony Higgins (ITCRM), Cpl Jackie Freeman (RMB Eastney), Cpl Willie Turnbull (Depot RM Deal), Mne Lenny Anderson (43Cdo), Mne Dod Malhan (Depot RM Deal), Mne Austwicke (RMB Eastney).

Second Half Mne Josh Holly (Eastney, Cpl John Ellis (Depot RM Deal), Mne Weston (RMB Eastney).

16th May 1966 1930Hrs Kick Off Combined Services v England Amateur Xl played at Leytonstone FC ground.

Combined Services Squad

GL - SAC. Piggott RAF Leconfield

RB - AB. C Gray RN HMS Excellent

LB - Capt. J Harding Army R.A.E.C

RH - L.Cpl. S Morton Army S.E.M.E Bordon

CH - Fl. Lt. A Menzies RAF Chessington

LH - LREM. N Stacey RN HMS Hermes

OR - L.Cpl. L Forrester Army 24th Signal Regt

IR - R.Mech. C Brown RN HMS Sirius

CF - LREM. P Greenwood RN 

IL - L.Bdr. J McQueenie Army Para Regt Aldershot

Ol - Cpl. B Smith RAF Swanton Morley


GL - AB. T Salsbury RN HMS Daring

BK - Sgt. J Keenan Army Army Depot A.C.C

H - Cpl. K Tebbutts RAF Brize Norton

F - Mne. L Anderson 43Cdo

Team Manager - Lieutenant Commander J.F. Ennis RN

Coach - CPO. W Mitchell RN

25th April 1967 1930hrs Kick Off, Combined Services v Kingstonians F.C played at Kingstonians FC ground, Richmond road Kingston Upon Thames.

Combined Services Squad

GL - SCA. K Carswell RAF Digby

RB - AB. C Gray HMS Juno

LB - Fg Off. R Ramshaw (Capt) RAF Cosford

RH - Fg Off. R Unwin RAF Waddington

CH - Cpl. A Harker RAF Topcliffe

LH - Mne. D Hunt 41 Commando

OR - Mech. L Shelton HMS Scarborough

IR - Mne. L Anderson 43 Commando

CF - PO. R Wilkinson HMS Vernon

IL - Fg Off. C Riley RAF Upwood

OL - LAC. W Farmer RAF Finningley


Mech. T Spilsbury HMS Dolphin

Flt Lt. R Menzies RAF Chessington

PO. D Blandford RN Sch of PT

1967 Corps Squad (Globe & Laurel April 1967)

The Royal Marines squad

McKenna (Deal), Jackie Freeman (Eastney), Underwood (Deal), Lenny Anderson (Plymouth), Towse (Deal), Demery (41Cdo), Richie Wassell (41Cdo), Taylor (DPRORM), Barratt (Eastney), Hardy (43Cdo), Davey Hunt (41Cdo), Tony Higgins (ITCRM), Riley (43Cdo), Smith (41Cdo), Best (41Cdo), Stuart Lindsay (ITCRM), Curly Barlow (Deal), Woodward (43Cdo), Kerr (ATURM), Clitheroe (Eastney).

Wednesday 29th November 1967 Royal Navy v FA Amateur Xl at Fratton Park Portsmouth

Royal Navy Squad

1. EA. M Rogers HMS Collingwood

2. Lt. David Roberts HMS Ganges

3. REA. Derek Godwin (Capt) HMS Daedalus

4. PO. B Crawford HMS Dryad

5. AA2. B Dixon RNAS Yeovilton

6. PO. Geof Atkey HMS Collingwood

7. Cpl. G Malhan RM Depot Deal

8. R/Mech. C Brown HMS Collingwood

9. App. S Malcolmson HMS Culdrose

10. Mne. Lenny Anderson 43 Commando

11. LEM. G Pughsley RNAS Brawdy


Referee Sgt. M.J. Taylor RM RNC Greenich

Linesmen Drum Major C Bowden RM, RMB Eastney

Linesmen Drum Major J Dillow RM, RMB Excellent

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