Trevor Ford Royal Marines

By RMFA Historian Shaun Foster

Trevor Ford PO?????? Royal Marines career 19?? - 20??

Born in ?? in 19?? 

1981 RM Poole Wednesday League Winners

4 x pictures inset L to R Sgt Watkins, Cpl Kenwright, Cpl Bradshaw, Sgt Hill. Standing L to R RS Booth, Cpl Tidcombe, Mne Conrad Butler, Mne Billy Daniels, Mne Issacs, Sgt Frenchy Munn. Sitting L to R Mne Trev Ford, Mne Shaun Elliot, Sgt Smith, Col Preston, Cpl Higson, Mne Russ Wilson, Bdr Rycroft.

1988 Inter Commands Winners RMFA

Royal Marines 3 Naval Air Command 2.

Standing Left to Right Clive Hunter (Chairman), George Kent (Coach), Russ Main, Gary Blunt, Martin Woodthorpe, Simon Beck. Kev Stewart, Mne Logan, Gaz Whatmough, Richie, Clarke, Stevie Whitehouse. Andy Holding, Cpl Brian Hepburn, Cpl Russ Wilson.

Front Row L to R Sgt Paul Dixon (Manager/Sec), Brian Faint, Conrad Butler. Tiv Lowe (Capt), Trev Ford, Gaz Kerr, George Bolton.

1989 CTCRM football team Navy Cup winners

CTCRM 3 HMS Neptune 2

Back row L to R George Kent, Russ Wilson, Dia Phillips, Trev Ford, Shaun Foster, Gaz Popple, Colin Rule, Brian Hepburn, Bill Sharp, John Mchale

Front row L to R Andy Holding, George Turner, Stevie Whitehouse, Steve Holding, Paul Dixon, Gaz Whatmough, Gus Russell, Dave Hall.

1989 Royal Navy FA Squad

Back row L to R Buck Taylor, Chris Fairy, Jason White, Tony Miklinski, Steve Stone, Will Flint. Middle row L to R Trev Ford RM, TBC8, TBC9, Terry Heeney, Bob Brady, Steve Whitehouse RM, Gary Hampson, Pat Brophy.

Front row L to R Vic Jones, Steve Riley, Jim Danks (Sec), Tiv Lowe RM, Henry Millington (Manager), Mark Williams, Nick Haigh.

1990 CTCRM Football Team 30th April 1990

Left to Right Bill Sharp, Paul Dixon, Andy Holding, Gaz Popple, Russ Wilson, George Bolton, David Sharp, Trev Ford, Martin Sharp, Steve Holding, George Turner, Kev Carter, Stevie Whitehouse, Shaun Foster, George Kent

1995 Inter Commands winners Royal Marine

Royal Marines 3 Fleet 1 (Tommy Johnson) at Dunfermline FC Scotland

Back row L to R Steve Tolley, Dutchy Holland, Richie Hope, Shaun Foster, Russ Wilson (Coach), Ian Rodgers, Rog Bannister, Stevie Waller, Neil Cameron, Mal Fairbrother (General Manager) Front Row L to R Tel Hart, Robbie Buglass, Paddy Neilson, Rick Walton, Thaine Hacon, Trev Ford, Paul Curry, Spot Watson, Paddy Neilson, Kev Carter.

1998 Royal Navy FA Inter Services Winner

Standing L to R Trev Ford RM, Paul Curry RM, Norman Thompson, Will Flint, Daisy Adams, Richie Hope RM, Ian Faulkner, Nigel Thraites, Steve Stacey RM, Jon Delahaye, Pete Gamble, Shaun Foster RM, Steve Johnson.

Kneeling L to R Kev Carter RM, Paul Clapham, Steve Riley, Stevie ONeil, Frazer Quirke, Paul Willetts.

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